Kratom leaves comes from the kratom tree, which is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia. Traditionally, these leaves have been used for medicinal purposes, but recent times have seen this drug being used as a recreational drug.

In regulated doses, Kratom is used as an herbal treatment for losing dependence from addiction inducing substances like alcohol or opioids. Other medicinal benefits from Green Horn Kratom include pain relief, immune system stimulation and energy boost. When taken as a stimulation drug, it has similar effects as other opioids and stimulants which produces sedation and pleasure. High doses of Green Vein Horn can potentially also lead to addiction.

Green Horn Kratom Effects

Staying true to its name, green horn kratom is the greenest out of all varieties of kratom leaves. Kratom green horn has very potent effects and is also the rarest variety.  Being the rarest and because of its multiple benefits, it is also the most sought after.

The presence of the bio-active alkaloids in green horn kratom combines with the human body to offer positive health benefits. As with all the kratoms, horn green kratom is beneficial for pain relief. It has the ideal properties to reduce the distress caused from joint pain and muscle weakness.

Green horn kratom has the ideal properties to provide the potential energy needed for morning workouts. This kratom if taken in right doses, can provide energy that can potentially last an entire day. Kratom green vein horn has potential benefits in curing mental illness, especially for depression and misery caused by psychological issues.

Green vein horn kratom also has proved beneficial for being a substance that aids in de-addiction. The kratom acts as a walking stick to someone going through the challenging path of overcoming the dependency on any addictive substance by replacing the stimulation of the addictive substance.

Along with healing, the horn green vein also is an immunity booster offering a protection against deadly diseases.

Green Horn Kratom Dosage

Horn Green Vein Kratom is sold in different forms like capsules or powder and is very easily available over the internet in recent times. Being the rarest, green horn kratom is also expensive. Fortunately, because of its potent effects, a limited dosage is enough to experience its numerous health benefits.

Low dosage

The recommended dosage for beginners is 1-3 grams. Additionally, it is important the user increases the dosage gradually starting with 1 and then slowly increasing to 3. This dosage is sufficient to achieve great results.

Medium dosage

Unless really required, it is always recommended that an average user does not cross 3 grams.

The medium dosage is between 4-6 grams. It is recommended for people suffering from chronic pain and muscle cramps. This is in most cases considered an effective dosage for regular users.

High dosage

Before mentioning the high dosage level, it is important to say that it is not recommended for anyone to use this dosage of green horn kratom. The high dosage is between 7- 10 grams, which produces extremely high analgesic and sedation effects.

Some points to remember:

  • Always begin with low dosage and very slowly upgrade to a high dosage.
  • Do not use a high dosage until really required as it can have potentially lethal effects and is very addictive.
  • It takes some time for the effects to show. In the meantime, assuming that there are no effects, do not take a high dose.
  • Seek medical guidance to ensure that it is fine for your body to take horn green kratom.
  • Keep the Kratom Green Vein Horn away from the reach of children.

Does green horn kratom get you high?

Green horn kratom, because of its easy availability, its potent effects and its property of not showing up on drug tests, is widely used as a legal high. As already mentioned, high dosage of green horn kratom can get you high and also addicted to the substance.

If abused, kratom is potentially lethal. Although it is not considered illegal in most countries nor is it controlled, it is considered a “drug of concern” in United States and in Thailand, it is the third most abused drug and is considered a controlled substance.

Kratom Green Horn is often taken to get off the addictive effects of opioid by many. More often than not, this process eventually leads to them getting addicted to horn green kratom as it also has the same addictive and psychotic effects as in any other sedative drugs. The side effects of using kratom include nausea, itching, excessive sweating, damage of liver and in very extreme cases death.

For additional information, at this stage, it is important to know that there are three strains of kratom: green, red and white. The effect of the strain is determined by the colour. The maximum potent effects are in red strain, with the white having mild effects. The green strain has moderate effects, thus making it ideal for consumption for most causes. In most cases, the high is caused when green horn kratom is mixed with red strain. This mixing has a very great addictive property and is not recommended for users.


With its host of positive effects when used in moderate quantities, green vein horn kratom can be potentially lethal when abused. As a user, it is up to you to determine the effects, you are looking for and use it in recommended doses.

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