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Olive + Nursery

Lots of love and thought went into decorating little Olive’s room.  As soon as I found out I was having a girl my head started to swirl with decorating ideas.  I’ve always had to hold back my girly ideas to keep the house more gender neutral :)  So this was my opportunity to go all out!  I wanted to do a mix of old and new and use pieces that meant something.  I lucked out because the tiny town we are in is filled to the brim with little antique shops.  They have all kinds of treasures if you keep your mind open.  I got the gold rocker for $30 and my dresser (which got a complete makeover) for $60!

I could not have done it without the help of my incredible sister and friends who custom made just about all the linens in the room and my husband who helped me paint.  I promise you besides the crib just about eveything in the room was painted or made.  I used old frames from the antique shop my mom owned when I was a little girl, fabric and colors from my bedding as a baby, and many special gifts from loved ones.  My mother in law made the quilt from scraps of quilts that were passed down in the family and had started to fall apart.  The sweet little dress above the dresser was a find that my grandmother had been holding onto for years to give to the right little girl.  My dear friend over at made my ribbon banner (you must check out her dine and dwell blog) and another friend from made the pretty letters for me to paint in the yellow frame.  In addition, she gifted me with the sister hot air balloon print that matches the one from her daughter’s room.  I think my favorite find was the old palm olive ad.  The top says “growing lovelier day by day”…I could not agree more!


Oh.My.Goodness! That room has been transFORMED! I did not even recognize it! Holy cow woman… this is the most darling thing ever!! What a cutie pie. I am SOOOO excited for you guys to come home so I can squeeze her to pieces! Eeeeee.. so pretty Laura and Craig. Congratulations to you all.

Amazing Laura and Olive is beautiful too. Miss you dudes. Really looks incredible. Bravo


I love how you decorated the room! Olive is so sweet. So many good ideas, thanks for sharing!

Hi Laura… this nursery is darling! I am getting ready to do my daughter’s room and I was wondering where the hot air balloon mobile came from or how you made it? If you could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Kate! I purchased it from Restoration Hardware and then painted it myself to match the colors in the room. Have fun decorating!

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