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She’s here!!!

I’m very excited to announce that little miss Olive Louise is finally here!  She is healthy and happy, we could not ask for more.  I’m enjoying my time home with her so much.  Thank you all for your kindness and patience with me as I am on maternity leave.  I’ll update with more pictures of her and the nursery soon, right now I need a nap ha ha!


she is ADORABLE!!! I love newbies!

These are absolutely beautiful pictures! Congratulations!

OH man she is SO beautiful!!! Congratulations, Laura! :)

She is more than gorgeous! Can’t wait to meet her:)

She is more than gorgeous! Can’t wait to meet her:)

You may just be the cutest family ever!!! She is precious! Congrats!

Congrats! She’s darling! And what a great name :)

What a beautiful baby! I love her name!!!! Congratulations to you and your family. Such a sweet little pea :)

LOOOOOOOVE HER!!!! Oh, she’s amazing perfect! God is so good and you are amazing, Laura! Bless you all <3

awesome shots! i love the one of her smiling and the one with Liam in the ‘best brother ever’ shirt. i hope you’re enjoying your time together!

She literally looks like a doll!!! So precious! Enjoy!

Laura, the photos of Olive are simply amazing! She is just so beautiful…such a little doll. Much love to your family. Kat xoxo

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